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More About the FrontSide Team.

Julie Hawrishok

West coast transplant. Journalist by trade. Community minded. Big fan of sports, art and music. Keeper of many books. Probably drinking coffee.

Hello. Some kids play house. I played newsroom. As a young girl, I convinced my friends that it would be fun to create a newspaper. They lost interest pretty quickly, so soon it was just me cranking out handwritten papers with compelling articles about the neighbour’s dog.

My commitment to the news didn’t waver. Many years later I ended up at Carleton University where I earned my Bachelor of Journalism degree. I’ve been creating content ever since. My articles, photos and multimedia have appeared online and in publications like The Globe & Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Spotlight Magazine and Business Spotlight Magazine.

I took my news experience and started delivering corporate communications pieces for an online educator. I helped launch a news website where, for years, I created more than 30 pieces of original content per week. I worked in non-profits for a while, most notably as the Marketing and Communications Officer at the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, where I built community ties, highlighted program achievements and fundraised, all with a non-profit marketing budget. I worked as Marketing Specialist at LaBarge Weinstein LLP, a business law firm, where I told the stories of the lawyers, the firm and the clients, many of whom are tech start-up standouts.

As you can tell, I adore content. Everyone – and every organization – has a story to tell. Let’s tell yours together.

PS – I’m also certified in Social Marketing from Hootsuite and in Content Marketing from Hubspot Academy.

Chris Paquette

Ottawa native.  Sports fan.  Travel nut and newshound. Avid cyclist and mediocre basketball player. Something different in my headphones every day.  Slightly obsessed with good advertising.

I’m Chris, the proud co-founder of FrontSide.  Years ago, while studying journalism at Algonquin College in Ottawa, I entered the crazy world of event management and promotion where I booked international talent and worked all facets of events from the ground up.  With that early experience, I discovered something interesting about myself: I believe challenges are awesome. If it has a steep learning curve, I’m all over it.  I’ve been yelled at, I’ve stamped ticket holders, I’ve worked 40 hour days and honestly, I loved every minute of it.

From there, I moved on to corporate communications where I’ve gained over sixteen years of experience working with clients and companies using “casual professionalism” – a mantra I hold near and dear.  I’ll always take my work seriously but I’ll never risk taking myself too seriously.

At the risk of bragging, I’m a Diamond Jubilee Award nominee and I’ve won the Nice Systems North American Communicator of the Year award.

I helped create FrontSide because not only do I love challenges but watching something grow is amazing when it has the right message and solid content.

Let’s spread the word.