Email appeals are motivating donors to give online, says research from fundraisers Dunham+Company.

We know: this isn’t entirely new information.

Emails have been an effective part of a fundraising strategy for non-profits for years. They’re great for grabbing a reader’s attention through the use of videos, photos and other interactive material. They’re trackable, so the organization can see statistics like who’s opening the emails, who’s clicking on which links and how often the email is being shared. Emails are flexible as the organization can use A/B testing to see what sort of campaign is the most effective. Stewardship can be automated in email appeals, with thank you messages and receipts sent out immediately. Clearly there are many benefits unique to the medium.

But Dunham+Company’s research shows emails matter more now than ever.

In 2010, six percent of donors said that an email appeal motivated them to give online, the research found. In 2015, it was up to 20 percent and in 2016, 28 percent said the same – a 40 percent jump.

Almost all ages of people said emails prompted them to give an online gift. Roughly a third of GenXers (31 percent), Boomers (29 percent) and those aged 75+ in Silent Generation (28 percent) were compelled by the email content to click through to the organization’s website to donate.

What does this mean for your non-profit?

Quite simply: your fundraising strategy has to include email as a channel.

We believe a multi-channel approach is still ideal for most non-profits. Direct “snail” mail does work. So does email. Social media works, too. An integrated fundraising campaign – one that takes advantage of different distribution methods – should be in place in any charitable fundraising strategy.

But remember: you should be emailing your donors to do more than just ask for money. Use emails to send updates, announce new initiatives or simply thank them for all they’ve done for your organization so far. This way, an email appeal won’t seem so unexpected.

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