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FrontSide’s Canada Day Happy Hour Trivia – July 1, 2018

What? Bonus Canada Day trivia? Why, of course! You see, FrontSide's Happy Hour Trivia was borne out of a love of and appreciation for the traditional Canada Day trivia that usually appeared in newspapers. As fewer papers ran Canadian-centric trivia quizzes on July 1 (and those who did asked the same old questions... how many [...]

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FrontSide’s Happy Hour Trivia – June 29, 2018

Hi! What's better than a summer weekend? Clearly it's a summer long weekend. Oh. Yeah. It's here! Let's skip the preamble and get right to the questions this week. Have a happy and safe long weekend, people. (But as always: stop by and say hi on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email.)

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Paid subscriptions to Facebook Groups: They’re (probably) going to be a thing

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook lately (no judgment), you’ve probably seen many business-focused Groups pop up. These can be of great benefit to businesses: they get a group of people with common interests together and puts your company in front of all of those sets of eyes. The Group will let you create [...]

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FrontSide’s Happy Hour Trivia – June 22, 2018

Alright, geniuses. You killed it last week! You averaged 16/20 which is a new all-time high. That's 80%. That's a solid B. We're so proud. School may be out or almost out for summer, but your brain cells are as on point as ever. See more of the stats here. Now, let's see how you [...]

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FrontSide’s Happy Hour Trivia – June 15, 2018

Hello again! We bet you're here for the trivia. That's cool, just take a quick read below and then you can again flex your trivia muscles. Clearly it's working! As always, please feel free to say come and say hi on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email. Want to know how your fellow quiztakers did last week? Check out our stats [...]

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FrontSide’s Happy Hour Trivia – June 8, 2018

It's Friday! It's FrontSide's Happy Hour Trivia Time! You know you want it! Dip your toes into the trivia pool this week and see how you do. (Remember, if you're the comparing type, you can always check out our Facebook page. Each week we recap how all you trivia peeps did on the most recent [...]

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