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One-hour Instagram videos could be on their way – what this means for your brand

By now it should be clear that video is an important part of your brand’s strategy. Video busts through Facebook’s new business page algorithms and gets you to the top of your followers’ newsfeeds (and minds.)  It engages your audience and creates authority for you and your products or services. And, really, it’s popular: On [...]

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FrontSide’s Happy Hour Trivia – June 1, 2018

Clearly, we at FrontSide HQ love trivia. We know we're not alone as so many of you return week after week for those sweet, sweet trivia Qs. We see trivia as a worthwhile endeavor. We're unsure of what Chuck Palahniuk, author of one of our favourites Fight Club, thinks, based on this quote from Invisible [...]

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FrontSide Happy Hour Trivia – May 25, 2018

Hello again, Trivia friends! We're happy to have you back! We're bringing it slightly back to basics this week. Along with our usual questions about things like islands, movie roles and capital cities, we've added some math and spelling questions. But! Never fear. We think you've got this in the bag. As always, we do [...]

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Happy Victoria Day from FrontSide

Happy Victoria Day! While you may be out getting your cottage open, heading out for a sunny road trip or just enjoying a long weekend, have fun! We'll be in and out all weekend, including Monday, so feel free to reach out with any business or marketing ideas or questions you may have. We're happy [...]

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FrontSide’s Happy Hour Trivia -May 18, 2018

Hello again. We're going to keep our ramble-y preamble short this week. We know it's a long weekend for many of you and you've got Very Important Stuff To Do.  A few points of housekeeping and that's it: Last week's trivia stats can be found here. Find out about the average quiz score, the questions [...]

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What is a boilerplate and does my business really need one?

The word “boilerplate” has a bit of a bad connotation. In contracts or mock-ups, it’s often used to mean “those words that we have to include, are pretty standard by this point and no one reads them anyway.” In public and media relations, there’s a vastly different meaning and it’s one that all businesses and [...]

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