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FrontSide Happy Hour Trivia – May 11, 2018

  We love Fridays! We get serious weekend vibes and May Fridays bring patio time and the promise of farmer's markets and lazy urban strolls. Fridays are also Happy Hour Trivia days too, and that's hardly a coincidence. Enjoy the Friday. Enjoy the weather. Enjoy your friends and your family. Enjoy the trivia. (We enjoy [...]

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FrontSide’s Happy Hour Trivia – May 4, 2018

Alright trivia all-stars, it's Friday again! Last week's quiz was a pretty good one (easy for us to say!) You came through on top, averaging 13/20. (See the full stats here.) We're not sure how this one is going to do, but have this gut feeling that you'll blast that 13 out of the water. [...]

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FrontSide Happy Hour Trivia – April 27, 2018

Fun fact! Some jellyfish can glow in the dark. They have bioluminescent organs which emit light. This lets them attract prey or distract predators. Looking for more fun facts to amaze your friends and family? Click on and try out this week's newest Happy Hour Trivia. We've been loving your comments and feedback so please [...]

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FrontSide’s Happy Hour Trivia – April 20, 2018

Hello again, trivia faithfuls! Did you know that you aced last week's quiz? The average score was 15/20 which is pretty damn awesome. Way to go! (You can check out more stats and other fun facts here. If you  missed it, you can give it a go here.) As we mentioned earlier this week, we [...]

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FrontSide Happy Hour Trivia – April 13, 2018

Another week, another trivia quiz. This week's challenges include 20 fresh questions about trees, theme songs, bank robbers, Chris Hadfield and a lot in between. Let's see how we do! Plus, a quick moment of thanks. For 45 weeks, you've been keeping us company on Fridays as our Happy Hour Trivia quizzes are released. (By [...]

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FrontSide’s Happy Hour Trivia – April 6, 2018

Hi there, FrontSide Happy Hour Trivia fans. We're happy to see you back. Last week's quiz proved to be one of our most popular so far this year and the average score of 14 was one of the highest overall so far, too. How will it go this week? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Hit [...]

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