By now it should be clear that video is an important part of your brand’s strategy. Video busts through Facebook’s new business page algorithms and gets you to the top of your followers’ newsfeeds (and minds.)  It engages your audience and creates authority for you and your products or services. And, really, it’s popular: On YouTube, more than 5 billion video views are garnered each day. About 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day. Most Twitter users (82%) watch video content on that platform and Snapchat says they generate 10 billion video views each day.

Now, rumour has it that Instagram is upping their video game. As it stands now, users are limited to sharing 60 second videos in their newsfeed or 15 second clips in their stories. According to the Wall Street Journal, Instagram may be upping their video length limit to an hour. This will be a boon to content creators or brands who leverage video to share their stories and engage with customers.

For more info on the rumoured video upgrade, check out the Engadget story.

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