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The FrontSide team loves trivia. It’s Julie’s not-so-secret dream to write for Jeopardy! (She doesn’t want to appear on the show for fear of SBRT, or Slow Buzzer Reaction Time, which would cause her to go into Final Jeopardy with  no money and therefore make her ineligible to compete in Final. Yes, she has thought about this a lot.) Not to be outdone, Chris can often be found in the depths of Wikipedia, reading and retaining information on seemingly unrelated things like the Kamchatka Peninsula, Charlamagne and German street food.

So, when Canada Day loomed once more, the excitement for the annual Canadian trivia quiz found in the Ottawa Citizen and other newspapers mounted. Then we thought why don’t we just create our own Canada Day trivia quiz? And here we are. We’ve created this 20 question quiz for you. Take a shot and let us know how you did. Feel free to share the results on Facebook or Twitter and challenge your friends and loved ones to a battle of Canadian trivia supremacy.

Want to go old school and do the quiz on paper instead? No worries; you can download the PDF version here. This is the recommended way to spend some time at a cottage or on a back deck. Cold beverages are also recommended.

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